L. M. Kohn & Company maintains important disaster recovery and business continuity plans that may be activated in the event of a significant business disruption. The firm realizes the critical nature of being able to continue material operations if an incident occurs that could affect mission-critical business units and systems. These plans are key components in maintaining emergency procedures, and are required by securities industry regulations.

In planning for potential significant business disruptions, L.M. Kohn & Company has studied a number of outcomes from varying scenarios, including, as examples only, a disruption to a single building, a city-wide business disruption, pandemic disruption, and a regional disruption. The firm’s plans are intended to permit the continuation of key business operations during most types of disruptions by resuming mission-critical operation, usually within the same business day as the disruption. If the disruption is ongoing, such as pandemic disruption, the firm has established policies and procedures to maintain full capacity throughout the life of the disruption. Home office personnel have made preparations to remotely perform full job functionality should an ongoing disruption prevent our staff from coming into the office. To assist this business continuity, the firm maintains back-up technology processing capabilities in alternate locations including a cloud based network. In cases of an extreme disruption, where the continuation of business may not be practical or in the best interest of the firm or its clients, L.M. Kohn & Company has implemented steps necessary to allow clients prompt access to their funds and securities.

Clients should be aware that because the firm’s plans contain details of a confidential and proprietary nature, they cannot be distributed to the public. Clients should also note that L.M. Kohn & Company’s business continuity plan is subject to modification, and questions regarding our Business Continuity Plan should be directed to info@lmkohn.com.